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BuzzClub Toy Parties Is that toy toxic? 

*        Learn about the history of the vibrator and its start in life as a medical device for the treatment of a Victorian psychological diagnosis called Hysteria.


*        Learn important things about the world of adult toys that all women should be aware of.  Is that toy toxic?  Chances are it probably is!  Let us tell you why.


*        Learn how a simple daily exercise routine can not only improve your health and well being but enhance your intimate life too.  Not just for women - this is something every man needs to know to!


 You could wing it, or you could ask the experts.  Host a BuzzClub toy party today.

Waikato - B O P - Auckland

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A recent study by Greenpeace in Sweden found a variety of chemicals considered to be harmful to humans, including carcinogens, were present in materials used in the manufacture of off the shelf "adult toys".  There are alternatives.

  Say no to toxic toys, we have.

Read more about why we have chosen to be toxic free.

 Hostess Special* for Jul/Aug 2015: 

Touche Opis for only $50*.  (Save $50)

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*To qualify your party sales must exceed $400

Brands We Love Why We Love Them
Big Teaze Toys
Fun Factory

Every brand we stock has a little something more.  

They have set a standard for intimate products others can only emulate.  

Products with form, function, and almost unheard of in the adult product industry...a future.   A promise that their product ranges are made to compliment your personal pleasure over and over again.

They have made a firm commitment to manufacture using the highest quality non toxic materials, with an emphasis on proving quality does not have to be compromised when talking sexy products. 

Or they have simply blown our imagination with their innovations! 

To view our products in full, view our online catalog/shop here or download our latest product catalogue below.


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