Aphrodite Nefertiti Isis Selena

Hostess Gift

$301.00 - 500.00

$501.00 - 750.00

$751.00 - 1000.00





Select a Sugar Lips combo, a Heart Massager, Think Pink Whippin' Girl Cream,  or Body Butter 

Select a Nefetiti vibe, Pjur Body Glide, Daisy Nipple Hugger or a discount 

Select a Bed of Roses Kit, Kama Sutra Love Cube game, or Smart Balls or a discount 

Select a Hot Pink Kink kit, VibraExciter, Dolly Dolphin vibe or a discount 

Maia Thea Chloe Venus

$1001.00 - 1250.00

$1251.00 - 1750.00

$1751.00 - 2000.00

$2001.00 +
7.5% 7.5% 7.5%


Terms & Conditions

Rewards and discounts are based on  sales of product sold and paid for, less delivery fees and less GST.

A hostess's order does not count towards the party rewards if choosing a discount but does count if the hostess opts to receive reward product. However their order will count if they choose to gift their rewards discount to someone else to use at a later date. 

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Select an Isis Bliss or a discount, or choose a combo of two products from the following: Smart Balls, Bed of Roses kit, Daisy Nipple Huggers, Yellow Ducky

Select a Twist & Shout of your choice or a discount, or choose two products from the following: Gigolo II, Superbe, Body Butter, Aneros

Select an Emotional Bliss vibe or a discount or a Smart Ball, Sugar Lips lipstick & gloss, Jolie, and Pjur Women's Body Glide combo

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