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          Women's Physiotherapist

Specialising in pelvic floor health, menopause, lifestyle, and sexual dysfunction, women's physiotherapist Brenda Holloway is available for consultations at her Hamilton clinic.  Brenda believes women need not be embarrassed about seeking help as most dysfunctions can be treated or at the very least, the situation improved but it won't happen if sufferer's accept their situation and suffer in private.  Quality of life no longer needs to be comprised if women understand the importance of their pelvic floor and learn how to exercise their pelvic floor muscles effectively.  Brenda provides friendly, non-threatening and relaxed consultations in a private environment Visit Brenda's website

          Interesting Sex Facts

Brainy chicks are kinkier. College grads have more oral sex than high school dropouts, and women with PH.D's are twice as likely to want a one night stand than those with  bachelor's degrees.

Texas law makes it illegal for a woman to own more than 6 sex toys.

It was considered elegant for aristocratic ladies of the sixteenth century to let their pubic hair grow as long as possible so it could be pomaded and adorned with bows and ribbon. Thank goodness today they have poodles.

In fourteenth-century Europe, high-ranking noblemen were permitted to display their genitals below a short tunic, while those not impressively endowed could, if they chose, wear a leather falsie called a briquette. ...more

          Funny R18 Commercials

  Antiblushing Pills.  Do they work?

  Tidy Up.

  Need a home loan?
          A Brief History of the Vibrator

The vibrator was first invented in the 1860’s as a massaging medical device to assist physicians in the treatment of ‘Hysteria’, the most common female complaint of the time.  ‘Hysteria’ was considered an incurable disease and a diagnosis could cover anything from irritability, excessive vaginal fluid, anxiety, to anti-social behaviour.  As a disease, Hysteria was debunked by the American Psychiatric Association in 1952, but medical... ...more

VeeDee Handcranked Medical Vibrator circa 1906

          A Goddess Just Is...

A Goddess just see Her in the street, you see Her in your dreams.

A Goddess doesn't need anyone's approval...She is strong, sexy, confident, and comfortable in Her own skin.

A Goddess inspires do well, to be the best you can be.

A Goddess gives your existence meaning...a focus, a light, a reason to dream.

A Goddess loves men...why wouldn't She?

A Goddess is a Phenomenal Woman...and that Woman is

          Auckland's Hottest Male Stripper

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